Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your facility located?

Our facility is located at 4440 E Lake Mead Blvd in Las Vegas, Nevada 89115. We’re located near Nellis Air Force Base and Lake Mead.

What are your office hours?

Our office is open from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday thru Saturday. 

What are your access hours?

You can access your storage unit between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm Daily.

Can I pay my bill online?

You sure can! You can pay right here through our website.

What security features do you use?

Our facility is secured by a 10 foot concrete wall with spikes around the perimeter, a security gate with keypad access controls and video surveillance cameras.

What do you require?

Your vehicle must be able to be driven, we'll need your driver's license, insurance and registration for the vehicle. You will need to sign a lease in the office.

How do I get started?

You can reserve for free here {insert link to facility page}.  Call us on (702) 819-9717 to get your reservation started or visit Victoria or Tiffany during office hours and they'll be happy to help you in person.

Affordable RV Parking in Las Vegas, NV